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Flamebor iniedi l-attività tal-Open Day tal-kumpanija bit-tema "Into the Lab".

Ħin: 2023-10-18 Viżti: 35

To create a communication platform between enterprises and the public, fully demonstrate the corporate mission, and create a good atmosphere for scientific inheritance, 27th August, 2023, Flamebor Company carried out the "Into the laboratory" themed company Open Day activity.

This activity to reflect the advanced refractory laboratory "open, flow, joint, competition" as the main line, designed practical activities including visits and exchanges, popular science lectures, experience on little scientific experiments and other themes, a total of 40 people participated.

The atmosphere at the event was active, and the popular science lectures, which were lively and interesting and full of scientific flavor, ignited the young scientific fire in the children's hearts; experiencing the wonderful science experiment in person makes the children feel the magic charm of science.


The "Into the Laboratory" theme company Open Day activity is an effective way for Flamebor 's scientific research spirit to be transmitted to young children and society. Through families and children "into the laboratory", they can feel modern scientific experiments, which deepens the cognition of adolescents and children and the public on scientific research work, and creates a good atmosphere for learning science and loving science.

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